New Year Reflections

Today is January 1.
Happy New Year.
What more symbolically fitting to do some soul-searching at the top of the new year and start new?
How many calories, how much body fat and some muscle mass will replace it with the new page?
But you can not open a new page. I open the My Life book pages are full of fat. Sponge whole new page. Need to clean the pages very slowly until we meet in a few new episodes clean. Can I begin the process today?
I hope very much so.
My biggest enemy is not the food, no carbohydrates, no gluten and saturated fat.
My greatest enemy is lack of caring.
How I got to not care when I brush my teeth, I see a thick hand trembling bereaved? When I sit down on a chair, his legs extend the angles between them? How I got into bed I look like a whale washed ashore? When I go in my footsteps shake it like an elephant parade? I can not climb stairs without my later be accelerated pulse and my heart almost explodes and Atnsp like a balloon inflated?
How I gave up my femininity? The sexy?
But more importantly - how I gave up my health? The chance to get to my grandmother when I fit, I can help my children to keep their children at any time they want, go wild with them, to have power to them whenever they want. I gave up on longevity, maybe I gave up on seeing my children have children getting married. Why give up?
The matter.
To continue you have to change, you have to have care.
The following pages in the book should become clean and browsing becomes slow gradually become more light and pleasant.

Finally, a picture I found online: "fat people, if you stare at them you feel better about yourself."

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