What is this blog about?

O.K then this is the second day of the existence of the blog and I see that nobody came in and did not respond.
Perhaps the title "Diary of a fat woman" daunting? Because what can you expect a blog like this? Recipes for sweets will be there, crying and self-pity? I was not attracted to this blog ...

Have you noticed that the background of the blog is black? The reason of course is a lean black ...

So what will help me????
Available health sites and reading that obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, certain types of cancer and more. "
Mommy, it's scary. Just what could be Wall again "this? Run over by a truck? Get stuck in an elevator? At least it reduces the risk that I would fly in the air if there is a hurricane or something.

But the thing that scares me is the cancer. So I invented a slogan - "Our body is not beta version." It's the real thing. Then you can not upgrade. So keep him.

And Finally a picture of Dr. Phil to hang on the refrigerator:

YOU ARE FAT! don't try and sugar coat it bacause you'll eat that too

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