My friend's pancakes Vs. my pancakes and more food fails

Among of my lack of talents, there's my lack of talent of everything related to the kitchen: cooking, baking and even cleaning and organizing.
So I decided to make fun of it and laugh at myself. Whenever my friends publish pictures of the great food they made, I will make it too and make a comparison. I will call my creations: culinary disasters.

So here is my first culinary disaster. The truth is that it only looks bad but it was tasty, I swear.
So who win in the culinary disasters competition?

And this is what happened when I tried to make Spiral cookies:

I'm happy I'm not alone, look what this mom done:
cookie monsters fail
And what about this mom who made these funny pumpkins cookies for Halloween:
pumpkins cookies

and what was this mother thinking about when she made this tower cake?  
was this mother thinking about bananas or what?

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