It's my birthday

Birthday is not such a great day. Some people wish you a happy birthday, like it's a day that you have to be happy all time, but this is not true. To be honest, this day is a little burden and I'm glad it's over.
It begins with blessings on Facebook. Suddenly you receive greetings from friends on Facebook you do not even know. People you do not know put greeting cards and pictures and congratulate you with all their hearts, while some people you do know well do not congratulate you at all. 
So you ask yourself why didn't they write you something on your wall. Maybe you should unfriend them? Maybe they hate you or they are disgusting people? Maybe they did were'nt on facebook or did not notice that you have a birthday? so you spend some time in this special day on these thoughts....
Besides the world acts as if everything is normal. You walk down the street and think to yourself how much fun you have a birthday. But that does not interest the bus driver that splashes you water puddle, or a saleswoman that ignores you, or the service phone representatives that let you wait forever on the line and then just trying to sell you instead of treating you right.
Who said that a birthday is a happy day that means you're starting a new better year? Maybe there are people who are supposed to die on their birthday because they have reached the age that they are not supposed to go on.
It's true that on your birthday you get some attention and some nice gifts and maybe you have a party or go to celebrate in a restaurant, but I prefer the ordinary days when I don't have a reason to celebrate.
There are some people who love their birthday and have fun and feel happy about it. Maybe that's an optimistic attitude to life, an opportunity to say thank you you were born and thanks for everything you got. So this is what I do. I say thank you for everything I have in my life and this is a lot!

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