Chocolate cups

Chocolate cups are the hot trend in the chocolate area. They are great for parties, weddings, graduations, birthdays, holiday parties, baby showers, or any special occasion that needs a stylish and impressive dessert. Making the chocolate cups is very easy, here's one recipe for chocolate cups
There are plenty of chocolate cups out there, with the shapes of flowers, mugs and many other versions. Filled with chocolate, whipped cream with a cherry, mousse, pudding, ice cream, sorbet, jelly or any other creamy dessert. There are some kinds of ways to make chocolate cups and you can also buy ready to use. It's so nice that there are many creative people who share their delight creations with us online: 
Cup of white and brown chocolate with mousse inside:
Decorated Chocolate cups by Kane Candy
Chocolate cups in different colors: green, yellow and pink by Candy Warehouse
Amazing chocolate cups with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles over - from the website atasteofkoko
Chocolate cups with chocolate mousse inside, with a sugar substitute - from website Veggie Grettie

Decorated White chocolate cups by Kane CandyChocolate cups in different colors: green, yellow and pink by Candy Warehouse
The blogger from Mac-Chocolate recipes prepared chocolate cups by mixing brown milk chocolate and white chocolate and put whisky mousse inside for the adults against dull dinners.

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