Cutting wedding expenses - how to make cheap wedding?

In these hard times, when most of us have to cut expenses, make wedding is not easy.
A wedding is an expensive business. But if you are realistic people with feet on the ground and head on your shoulders, you must realize that what is important is that the days after the wedding, and to not go into debt because of a luxury wedding and even succeed in saving for a rainy day (which can really help you in your marriage) you should spend less money on the wedding.
We highly recommend that you leave the pose and throw the need to impress people by grand wedding to trash.
Eventually, people barely remember the weddings they were in, so why spend so much money on it?

Here are some tips to help you save money wedding:

Save money on the wedding dress and groom suit -
You do not have to go buy the bride and groom wear at fancy salons that require thousands of dollars for one night. In ebay, for example, you can buy chep customized dresses and suits from sellers who are answering any of your questions and helping you with the measurements.

Send invitations on postcards instead of letters -
Sending postcard is significantly cheaper than shipping letters. Instead of printing invitations, put them in envelopes, affix a stamp and send, just send postcards.

Do the wedding in weak season-
Season when getting married cost less is winter. In winter there is not much demand for weddings so the prices of the dishes are lower. It's not fun to get married when it's cold and it's not fun to spend your wedding day in the rain, but it's kind of romantic, isn't it?

Makeup by yourself-
Why take someone to make you up and pay her hundreds of dollars so she smear your face with a thick layer of makeup and make you look like pale porcelain statue in the important evening of your life?
Why pay hundreds of dollars on makeup that falls early evening after a glass of wine? If you know makeup yourself or have a friend or relative who knows how to ashes, take them. Don't be afraid.
No one will know the difference except your bank account that will thank you for saving hundreds of dollars.

Buy white regular shoes, not bridal shoes -
Bridal shoes cost hundreds, if not thousands dollars just because their name. So instead of buying bridal shoes in special bridal shoe store, buy your shoes in a regular store.

Hire cheap photographer and d.j -
You don't have to hire the best photographers and well-known DJs that are also the most expensive.
You can find good starting DJs and photographers that offer thir service for lower price.
Just before you set with the photographer and D.J., make an appointment with them, looked at their portfolio and check if they are reliable and high quality.
Another recommendation: in the period before the wedding, start checking at weddings you're visiting if there are photographers and d.j's that you like and take business cards. In this way you can also do a market research and know what you are buying beforehand.

In summary, the wedding is indeed a very important event in life but is also an event that can make you heavy expenses and big hole in your pocket that later will be hard to fill it. So don't fall into the trap that many fall into, don't do expensive and flashy event just so everyone will be impressed.
Remember that even a modest wedding can make a good impression and be pleasant and enjoyable for all participants.

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