My mother in law and me

My mother in law was here for a month.
Since she lives abroad, visit included hosting 24 / 7, so it was very intense and no one could escape.
You can call it "survival".

When I talked on the phone she told me not to speak so much.
When I sat on the computer she told me to shut it, I've done enough with the computer.
The boy didn't eat enough or drink enough and her son didn't rest enough (of course it's my blame).
I didn't want to fight, so I devoted her a month of my life and counted the days until she leave...

What's the story of the mother in law and the bride?  
No matter where you came from, when it comes to talking about mother in law, the one you talk to participates in your sorrow.
Even my dentist, a Christian religion, rolled his eyes and responded in - oh God, 
When I said casually that my mother in law comes to visit for a month. 
(This is the only place that I went without her because she didn't want to join).
His assistant, a native of Puerto Rico, immediately identified with me and started to tell horrific stories about her mother in law.

If so, the problem lies not necessarily with Jewish mothers in law.
We'll start it once we have chosen to marry someone that comes to transaction 1 + 1 free, which means he and his mother.
Looking back I should have had start dating with the mothers and after that check on her son:).


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