No news is good news day- 11th September

The 11th September is No news is good news day.

Many people in the world believe that they must keep updated in current daily news. 

The question is why? What are they doing with this information? Are they going to demonstrate in the streets? Do they do something beyond having conversations about it? Do they produce any lesson and improve their lives?

The following article is intended to show you how to Keep up with news like a dangerous drug addiction with serious side effects that is not recommended for everyone and anyone interested in this drug consumption should seriously consider whether he is willing to live with these severe side effects. 

Generic Name: News Under this generic name provided little citizen updates, reports and articles selected by the number of people working in different networks, from small radio stations, through print media, internet and major TV networks. Updates, reports, articles and flashes provided the citizen not necessarily based on importance and relevance of the little citizen, but rather the degree of economic profit to those who provide them. 

Composition of active ingredients and their concentration: Politics: too much, a military - political: too much, Ecology and the Environment: Too little, shocking disasters: too much, Entertainment and Leisure: too yellow, too little culture. 

Inactive ingredients: You! you are the spectators who sit in your chairs like sweet potatoes, wake up only during commercials to get ice cream or watermelon chunks. 

Therapeutic activity: Keep up with news designed to give citizens a sense that he is involved in what is happening in his country and that he has the ability to influence. It also gives him a feeling of belonging to population and that he is important and up to date. 

When not to use this medicine? If you are pregnant in the first or last third, if you are breastfeeding, if you have a heart problem, if you suffer from shortness of breath, stomach ulcers or sensitive soul. 

Warnings: Don't watch the news too often or for prolonged periods without consulting a psychiatrist. Means that too often: once on the radio on the way to work, once on the radio on the way back from work, once on the main edition on TV, several times on the Internet and in the newspaper. If you are sensitive to reports of any kind, inform your psychiatrist before using this drug. 

Side effects: Severe nausea, paranoia and loss of trust in people, anxieties, worries, obsessive disturbing thoughts. All of these can cause heart disease, vascular damage and cancer. 

Effects that require special attention: Increase or decrease in weight, heart attacks, behavior changes such as seclusion at home, cutting off contact with people who are close, closer contact with people to debate wrangling, decreased sexual function, sexual perception distortion, increased violence and aggressive behavior.

Instructions: Listen, watch or read - and don't take to your heart!. 

Dosage in the absence of other provision from psychiatrist: As little as possible. Only what is necessary. Avoid poisoning! Beware to be updated only from reliable news sources and not too yellow. Try to filter the information that comes to you and see if it comes from a reliable source of high quality. 

Don't: Don't be updated in the news during a vacation, family event or a first date. Don't be updated on the news alone in the dark! This can be scary and cause a heart attack or stroke!. Put your glasses on if you need them, don't spoil your eyesight at least.
Watch out! if you see a news reporter on the street, watch carefully where you're going. you don't want that what happened to this lady will happen to you:

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