What is the perfect man? today and 20 years ago

Today a perfect man (in women eyes)  is a man that:
He does not like to watch sports of any kind.
On the other hand he has to do sports such as walking / jogging / swimming / gym.
Is not too hairy. He has to remove hair from all kinds of places - the back / backs / chest / hands...
He rubs himself with body lotion
Yoga can definitely be considered.
He dresses the best fashion and understand why.
Gentle man, sensitive listening / hugs / understand / cry
Knows how to make a gourmet food
Wakes her up in the morning with a kiss and a cup of coffee to bed
Participates in parenthood's forums
Take the kids to school and kindergarten every day
Involved in matters of children
Man who walk sideways when you're with a friend
A man who sees her and knows everything she feels
Sex is not everything to him.
A man who let her lead.
Perfect man twenty years ago:

A man that goes to football game every Saturday morning and never miss any game of his favorite team.
A man that his only sport is to crack snacks when he watches a game on the sofa
Hairy man
A man who uses any cream of any kind
Yoga For him is something that only the Japanese do
A man wearing jeans / T-shirt and clogs of any kind
A man whose wife was crying, he just listens
A man who knows to do great barbecue
A man who likes his coffee black and do not speak with him in the morning until ten o'clock (at least)
A man sleeping in the living room because baby's crying disturbs him and he has to get up tomorrow for work
A man who is in the morning to take the kids to school
A man who plays football better walk in the park
A man who has no idea what's going on with the kids, but when he comes home in the evening then showers and sleep.
He doesn't like people that interfere between him and his woman.
A man who sees her as a sex symbol 24/7
Sex is everything to him
Only Man leads

I ask:
What do you prefer?
Although today the division is definitely not so exaggerated, but pretty mixed, I believe the first part of the record unequivocally describe the perfect man, DA not sure they need women in this case.
Or other theory with women hunt men sprouted only for breeding.
What do you say?

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