15 Positive sentences you should say to yourself every day

Affirmations, or positive self-talk, are one of the oldest and simplest methods in the field of personal development. These phrases are formulated as positive, and head directly into the conscious mind and the subconscious to create a positive change. These sentences, also called suggestions (rolls) or of auto-suggestion (self-persuasion loads). They belong to the field of Positive Thinking in the new era, and their proper implementation can help us create the life we want.
Positive Affirmations help us clean up our thoughts and patterns and rewired the brain to have us believe that what we want, is possible for us. They make us believe in our potential, and assign the responsibility for our lives into our own hands.
Most of the positive statements describe our desired state, even if it has not accomplished in reality yet. When we repeat the statements over and, over again, and experiencing the body and feeling the sense that this is our truth, we are pushing our subconscious, to search for evidence of the reality that the statements are true, and we become sensitive to absorb everything we can to prove this truth environment. Our subconscious, aimed like a laser, it will begin to raise our awareness, in more and more ways, ideas and opportunities through which we can achieve what we want.
Here are 15 best affirmations to say to ourselves over and over, these affirmations changed the lives of millions people around the world:

1. I love and appreciate and accept myself right now and always.

2. Who I am is enough - I am worthy of receiving all the good in the universe.

3. The universe is a friendly place and it supports me and my desires.

4. I'm always safe and secure.

5. Everything is perfect in this moment, just as it should be.

6. My body is healthy, my mind is shiny and my soul is eternal.

7. Everything that happens now is happening in my higher favor and I'm thankful for it.

8. I create my own reality.

9. Every day in every way I am getting better and better and more.

10. I let go of the past, my power is in this moment.

11. I accept with love what I have in my life and forgive myself and others.

12. Everything I need, comes to me at the right time and the right place.

13. Abundance is my birthright and it flows to me easily and quickly.

14. Happiness is a choice. I choose to be happy.

15. Inner wisdom and divine providence guides me always.

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