20 Things you shouldn't say to a pregnant woman

These are the most annoying sentences that pregnant woman hear during her pregnancy. If you have something to add, I'll be very happy:

  1. At least your face is remained thin.
  2. Nausea? I never had it.
  3. You have tried a lot of time?
  4. It's surely a girl.
  5. Sleep as much as possible now, because later you can not.
  6. Are you sure you're only in fifth? You look more.
  7. Wow, twins? It must be fertility treatments.
  8. Are you going to breastfeed? You got nice tits! 
  9. Look at her, you can't believe that she's after four births!
  10. Have you seen a doctor? You sure it's a baby?
  11. Got pregnant to conceal all the pizza you ate? 
  12. It's a girl? Oh, well, maybe next time... 
  13. Did you swallow a watermelon seed?
  14. Your face is really swollen .... 
  15. When do you supposed to spawn???? 
  16. You should see my bride, she's so thin.
  17. You sure it's not twins? 
  18. Can I touch your stomach?
  19. It looks like he/she is going to come out really soon...
  20. My birth was terrible, I spent 72 hours in hospital... 



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