30 Things you shouldn't say to a fat girl / woman

Here is a list of things not to say to a fat girl or woman because they are insulting, disturbing and essentially none of your business:

1. When are you supposed to give birth?

2. You've lost weight?

3. If you were not overweight you were beautiful...

4. Cake anyone? I don't offer *you*, you don't need that.

5. Don't worry, it's not fried.

6. I heard about a great new diet for you.

7. You know that after you'll get off weight you will suffer from loose skin.

8. You have not eaten enough?

9. No one wants to eat it, do you want?

10. Why don’t you work out?

11. I'm selling a diet product, are you interested?

12. You actually look good.

13. You're not fat.

14. Do you really need that candy bar?

15. You should wear black

16. We don't have anything in your size.

17. I wish I could enjoy food like you...

18. Have you checked your cholesterol recently?

19. I'd go out with you if you were thinner.

20. You shouldn't wear stripes/polka dots/floral prints.

21. Have you ever thought about gastric bypass surgery?

22. You must snoring at night.

23. You have to take one piece bathing suit.

24. You can't enter the elevator, it won't take us up.

25. Wait, we'll give you another chair.

26. *not confirming friend request at facebook, who wants a fat friend?*

27. He preferred to go out with you?

28. Fat people are happier

29. I eat a quarter of what you eat and explode.

30. Good for you that you danced around people.

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