Celebrities cook and publish cookbooks

Do you sometimes  imagine what famous actress cook in their  kitchen or were you thinking, whether in addition to their acting skill and stunning look they also have a culinary skills?

It turns out that some Hollywood stars tend to cook and prepare good meals for themselves and their homes, and even wrote a book about it. Like:

Eva Longoria - Would you believe that Gabriel Solis, from Desperate Housewives, who can't make a cake without burning it from the outside and leave it a mess inside, really like to cook for her family and friends and that she started cooking at age six? Longoria says that even when she hurries to glamorous events, she will not give up concern for a good meal for her family, and she found herself running around the kitchen with the Gucci dress,  on high heels, neat hair and makeup. In her book Eva's Kitchen: Cooking With Love for Family and Friends   she publishes recipes from her Mexican poor family where she was raised as a child and some of her own. The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare. Click here to look inside:

Gwyneth Paltrow -

Gwyneth Paltrow usually plays delicate and fragile characters, you might say even quite sloppy and it's not easy to imagine her standing in the kitchen and preparing complex dishes. But she recently released a cookbook called My Father's Daughter dedicated to her father, director and film producer Bruce Paltrow, who died nine years ago from cancer at the age of 56.  Paltrow tells In her book that her father that was Jewish was the one who raised the kids in the family while her mother, the actress Blythe Danner , is the one who took care of livelihood.  her father developed a special expertise in the pancakes which she publishes the book. Click here to look inside the book:

Sheryl Crow -

The beautiful singer from the song is "If it makes you happy", took out a cookbook called If it Makes you Healthy, following the breast cancer she suffered five years ago, at age 44. As you guessed from the book name, the recipes that appear in it are healthy. The singer had not been cooked, because her mother was such a good cook she was not required to stand in the kitchen and cook for herself. Even as an adult she didn't cook because she lived alone and used to eat mostly food of hotels during touring.  When she got cancer she began to meet with dietician Rachel Beller. Very quickly she became a devout student of healthy diet and wrote a book that contains recipes for healthy and interesting food. One of the interesting recipes that appear in the book is a recipe that combines chocolate and avocado mousse.Click here to look inside:

Alicia Silverstone -

The actress and activist recently released a book called The Kind Diet  in which she tells the insight that led her to avoid eating meat and stick to a diet forever, and highlights the benefits a vegetarian diet.  Since Silverstone believes that changing the habits of life for a long term is an ongoing process, She divided her book into three training stages, from flirt to superhero. Book combines vegetarian recipes and healthy way of life based on her life style and is designed to guide how to feel great, lose weight and save the planet.
Click here to take a look:

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