Is there one right way to success on a diet?

Drink only water that are good for diet and clean the body. Diet drinks are delicious and low in calories. Don't drink diet drinks because the sweeteners they contain are toxic. Don't drink juice because of the calories. Drink juices for health. Not to put sugar. Put a teaspoon of sugar. Drink a tablespoon of olive oil. Do not touch oil in general. Avoid white flour products. Eat white flour products, in moderation. Eat a cube of chocolate a day. Abstain chocolate. Eat only bread. Eat only whole wheat bread. Eat lots of vegetables. Limit the amount of vegetables. Eat lots of cheese products. Abstain cheese products that are not healthy. Eat 0% fat. Do not touch if it below 3% fat. Do sport 3 times a week. Do sports every day. Combine strength training. Don't combine strength training. Run. Don't run. Avoid carbohydrates. Eat lots of carbohydrates. Avoid red meat. Eat red meat. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Consume artificial sweeteners. Eat until 6:00 pm. Eat until an hour before bed ...............

You can go on like this all day. U.S. diet industry alone, rolling 40 billion $ a year . many many companies and entrepreneurs see the potential in the field, and new diets popping up like mushrooms after rain. Who has not heard of the Atkins Diet, South Beach diet, diet of bread, cabbage diet, Weight Watchers, OA, dietitian health funds, private dieticians, sports dietitian, books about diets, body shaping diets DVD, "miracle" diet pills. We are inundated from all sides regarding the food industry , nutrition and diets. You can not open the TV without seeing a program without commercials about food (and diet products). 
All this can be very confusing, especially for those who are not experienced with diets. How to navigate Who's right? Is there one right way?

Two months ago, I was very confused. I've tried about everything (except Diets illogical as cabbage diets or magic pills that trying to sell a dream but not a reality). I went to dietitians, I tried to diet myself, I tried to delve into sports fitness rather than diet. Every time I tried something else, hoping that once I succeed. " Every time I really believed this time it is, this is different. But could not. I was just confused from all the information accumulated in my head. I did not know what's right. One day I thought it's right to eat healthy food (carbohydrates like brown rice, for example, combined healthy vegetable oils, many vegetables and fruits). But I lost weight and could not be balanced. Another time, I thought I should ever make a lot of sports and just burn everything. Subscription to the gym I trained for months by a program manager in the gym. That did not work. I went mostly muscle mass but did not get off nearly scale.
Finally I realized that to succeed, I have to take a break from everything. I have to analyze myself and understand what works for me and what doesn't. Attempt to sell one diet for everyone is incorrect and misleading experience, while of course will make money at our expense. As we all have different tastes in movies, clothes, as we are of different character - one extreme and one inward, one is humorous and one is heavy, so we are also different in our bodies - both physically and mentally. Everyone responds differently to different food. We have a different physique. We react differently mentally. We have different habits and different agenda.

So the first thing we must accept, first of all - there is no one answer. There is no one diet or one way to correct result!

The next step is to know ourselves. We need to understand ourselves and some important things:
  1. How we got to this place? Is it due to habits acquired in childhood? Is it following a trauma or something we've been through? Is it because we neglected ourselves? Is it because of a physical problem, again? How to resolve the problem is to figure out where it started. In my case, for example, a lot of my habits were problematic habits from home, from childhood. For example the need to finish the plate, the need for sweets after dinner and lunch. 
  2. How we react to changes? Do we need to make changes that are Baby steps, small steps, every time a small change? Or we respond well to extreme changes and the best thing for us will go from black to white?
  3. When we eat in the morning. does it opens us to the appetite for the rest of the day, and then we look for food all the time? or when we eat this morning, we shut the appetite and we do not feel the need to eat? Similarly, do we feel better when we eat a big meal at noon or night?
  4. How we react to sugar carbohydrates? Do we suffer from light addiction (or solid)? Or we have no problem to eat only two squares of chocolate and stop?
  5. Do we have the time and ability to exercise 3-5 times a week? Or our agenda is too busy and we prefer to concentrate on diet?
  6. Are we physically active during the day (at work, for example), or we tend to sit all day?
  7. Do we often eat outside? Do we have the ability to cook ourselves and buy fresh produce every few days?
  8. Are we driven by emotional eating , or we have relatively good control?
  9. Did our family join the process, or they do not share it? What about our social environment? Is it supportive or makes us difficult life?
  10. What is our age? what's our metabolic rate? are you a girl that still developing or an older woman in her metabolic rate diminishing with the years?
  11. What is our purpose? weight loss? Bodybuilding? Be healthy?
  12. Are our goals coordinated with reality? Do we really have to diet? How long is the diet process we need? Do we need such a significant change to do?
  13. Do we have physical disabilities?
All these questions and many other questions are the questions that shape our way. 

Me for example, I realized that I wanted quick results because I'm impatient. I need a supportive environment , I need explicit boundaries. I cann't get treats every day because that will make me quickly deviates from the road. Once my husband joined me, all the difficulty disappears if there was, and together we went to sports dietician who fit us each a different diet that suits him.

The message I want to deliver here is plain and simple - we are essentially different one from each other. There is no one answer. There is no one way. There is no one diet. Explore yourself as possible. Experiment as much as possible. Open your horizons, read, learn and understand what are the possible different ways. 

First and foremost is very important to contact your family doctor perform medical exams. see if there are nutritional deficiencies, if there are physical limitations, if normal thyroid and so on.You can also do more extensive testing such as testing BMR (Basic Tabula rate testing, or other words - how many calories you put out an average day, it's really you live and breathe), stress test and so on.

Finally, my two cents regarding choosing a professional - in my opinion, a good professional is one who knows "how to sew a suit" to any person by virtue. Such that not only gives a printed page with a menu of 1200/1500/1800 calories, but one who knows to listen, support and finding creative solutions for everyone. With experience you can give yourself these tips, but until then, worth a try and check all your options and see what suits you.

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