Malawah with chocolate cookies

Here is another thing you can do with malawah, this time it's sweet. It is very easy to make and the taste is like fresh chocolate croissant (it also look like it).

Chocolate spread

Take the malawach out of the freezer. Let it defrost until it is soft (not too much time so it won't get sticky, about ten minutes, depending on the room temperature).
Place it on a baking pan, on baking paper.
Spread chocolate spread on it. 
malawach with chocolate

Cut it to eight pieces.

Roll each piece from the end to the inside.
how to make chocolate malawah cookies

Put in the oven over medium heat for about 20 minutes.

This is what you get- an amazing pastry for your coffee!
malawah chocolate cookies

As you can see, malawach is good for meal or desert, and you can play with it and make a lot of great things. So next time you're going to buy food, look for malawah, you shoukd try it!

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