The difference between married woman and a divorced

I have a divorced  friend who tells me occasionally hair-raising stories about her life. 
I got to think about how different our lives. I'm a married woman for 16 years with three children and she is divorced for more than ten years with one child. 
These are the main points of difference in our lives. 
Of course this is a gross generalization and there are different married women and divorced, but these are the differences between me and her. 
Let's start with hobbies: 
Married women- cooking, cleaning, shopping, sleeping 
Divorced women- gym, movies, shows, restaurants, trips, entertainment 
Married women- what is clean, if appropriate, every few months buying new clothes, buying more to children than themselves 
Divorced women- sexy, beautiful, flattering clothes, buy new clothes every week (if the economic situation allows, of course). 
Married women- something you do while you sleep, lasts 2-3 minutes, in a dark room with little light from the bathroom. 
Divorced women- Wow, exciting sex with a variety of poses, with sighs and groans, with sexy lingerie, half an hour to an hour including foreplay and indulgent, sometimes several times a night, in full or romantic and soft light from candles. 
General feeling: 
Married women- feel some confidence that there is a partner to share problems, let him do some chores, have someone to come with them to occasions or go instead, have someone to talk to (even if he's not really listening), do with him boring things. However, they have the fear that he cheats, or he suddenly decides to leave, something would happen to him, he will be fired and all sorts of troubles. Divorced women- feeling something missed. Constantly seeking for a spouse, constantly feel the need to be attractive, however they feel their life is more exciting and interesting, independent on the ground and no one decides on them. 
Going out: 
Married women- meal in a restaurant, walk in the park, children's movies, children's pool, taking a trip with the family dog ​​three times a day. 
Divorced women- Spend time with their friends at clubs, pubs, drink alcohol, singers performances, coming back late at night.

In conclusion, perhaps I should not have to write this post because my thoughts are starting to figure that the life of divorced women are more exciting and fun. On the other hand, I'm so lazy. I don't want to replace my sweat pants, they're so comfortable.

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