Things you can do with Malawah

Malawach (or: Malawah) is a tasty and easy food, which comes from the Yemenite Jews.
Malawah is a fried flat and thin bread, made from puff pastry brushed with oil, and the common way to eat it is with tomato puree, egg and zhug (a Middle Eastern hot sauce originating in Yemeni cuisine).
If you have a frozen malawach in your grocery shop, I recommend you to buy it because it's very easy to make it (to make it by yourself is more comlicate). You gonna love it and it's a great dinner for kids. Right, it's fattening, one piece contains 464 calories, but if you eat it with tomatoes and egg, it gives dinner some nutritionals.

There are some interesting ways to eat a malawach and make it great meal, you won't believe how easy it is:

Malawah with egg and cheese

1 Egg
Yellow cheese, the kind you love (or you have at the moment)

Light the fire under the pan until it warms up.
When the pan is very hot, place the malawach on it. Reduce heat and cover.
Meanwhile, break an egg into a cup and set it aside (do not stir!).
After about 3 minutes, check to see if the bottom of the malawach is yellow-brown and if so, then turn it.

Wait 10 seconds, then with a fork and knife separate the two layers of the malawah.

Pour the egg on the bottom layer of the malawah and cover with the second layer.

Put the pieces of your favorite cheese on the top layer. Cover and wait about 3 minutes, until the malawah is ready.

You can also make a desert with malawah, here it is >>>

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