Go for a Ride Day- 22nd November

November 22 was announced as the Go for a ride day. 
On this day you just have to get in the car, get on a bike, motorcycle, scooter or Segway or use public transportation and take a ride. 
Go for a ride day is a day celebrated worldwide. On this day- forget work, school and smartphone and enjoy a good trip to clean the head.
If you live in the city, on November 22 run away to the bosom of the nature. If you live in a rural area, take a walk in the big city. Simply replace the atmosphere.
The history of Go for a ride day

November 22 was set as the official Go for a ride day following the events that happened in the world of transportation on this date:

On 22 November 1904 a man named Matthias invented Philadelphia Fatitz'r the direct electric Interpol (the vehicle).
In 1927, Carl J. Eliason Wisconsin invented the snowmobile, which has improved the lives of the people of Wisconsin for the better.
On the same date in 1977 came the first passenger flight of the supersonic Concorde jet.
As you can see, various transport events in various areas of transport world occurred on this day, and this justifies the celebration of our ability to travel, go on the road, pedaling along the paths and just enjoy the world!
Go for a Ride- by bike (retro)

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