Mickey Mouse's Birthday- 18th November

Mickey Mouse is the world's most famous and oldest cartoon used as an icon of Walt Disney Studios. It's hard to imagine someone living on this planet who don't know this funny mouse, who starred in so many animated films. 
The debut of Mickey Mouse was a short film called "Plane Crazy", but he became famous mainly due to his appearance in the short film "Steamboat Willie", the first speaking animated film, in 1928. In this film Mickey Mouse rower a steamship with his spouse Minnie Mouse and Black Pete the big cat (also called Peg-Leg Pete, Big Bad Pete), the sworn enemy of Mickey & Minnie Mouse.
Mickey Mouse
 "Mickey Mouse & Black Pete in  the movie "Steamboat Willie
Mickey Mouse appeard in one of the most prominent and famous films of Walt Disney, "Fantasy", where he played the sorcerer's apprentice who enchant brooms to clean magician's laboratory.

The original name of Mickey Mouse was "Mortimer Mouse", but the wife of Walt Disney objected, arguing that the name is too long, and Disney decided to shorten his name to Mickey Mouse. 

Mickey Mouse has become in a sense the logo of The Walt Disney Company there is a tradition of scribbling the head of Mickey Mouse in obscure films. For example, the film Beauty and the Beast as Gaston puts his feet on the desk of Bell, flowing mud from his boots a considerable resemblance to Mickey Mouse's head. Even the area of Walt Disney World and nearby resorts have tens of thousands of heads or hidden parts of Mickey Mouse designers and artists added of these places.

On November 18, 1978 in honor of his 50th birthday, Mickey Mouse became the first animated character that has received a star on Hollywood.

Animated gifs of Mickey Mouse avatars 100 x 100

November 18 is also Occult Day and Princess Day

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