20 Things you shouldn't say to a traffic woman cop

No one told you that blue came out of fashion? 

I didn't see you, the front wheel I was lifting in the air hid you.

Would you like to sit on a glass of beer? I've got a box of Budweiser under the bench...

I'm not drunk, the road is curved!

I didn't touch the cell phone! I just picked up the cigarette!

These are not drugs! These are wonder drugs! I have a remedy against wounds, just for you!

Want to play cops and robbers?

I was not talking on the cell phone, I was just listening!

I'm in a hurry, take my phone number and we'll continue later.

Maybe you want to upgrade your gun? I've got some new models in my trunk. Very quality .. you gonna love it!

But why? on YouPorn the policewomen are much more easy...

Gee, it's not my car! It's stolen!

I stopped, sure I stopped!

Not true, I did not go red, it was orange - yellow, what are you, a color blind?

Sorry! I did not stop for you, I'm just going to pee!

What do you mean why am I without a belt? my pants don't look good on me?

It's a gun in your pants or you just happy to see me? Oh, it's actually a gun.

That's ok, I believe in life after death.

Halloween long past!

Why do I crawl? there was a 40 speed sign! .. What do you mean that was the number of the road?

You're not pretty enough to make the traffic stop...

Can you put me handcuffs? It's very sexy ...


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