Things you shouldn't say to person with disabilities

If you meet a disabled, limited movement, in public sphere, here are ten things you Shouldn't do or say:
1. Do not talk loudly and slowly. We are not (usually) children.
2. Do not touch. Nor hand on his shoulder and stuff. Like most people, including disabled people do not enjoy the sudden physical contact with strangers.
3. Do not say, "Little by little, ma'am"
4. Do not give advice how to switch from a wheelchair crutches or any other auxiliary traffic, they know better than you, thank you.
5.Please avoid from saying, "Be healthy" or "good news." Noble intentions, the result stinging.
6. Do not be offended if they say "no thanks" when you offer help they have not asked. Like you, they prefer to manage alone.
7. Do not stand in their personal space, which includes the space of the chair.
8. When you stand too close, careful with the bag on your shoulder. He could hit them in the face.
9. Do not stare or focus your eyes on them. Sure there are more interesting things to look at them in the bank or in a train station or supermarket.

10. Do not park in their parking spaces that are marked for them, Don't stand in their suited porthole and enter their toilets - unless you want also their disability.

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