Barbies Birthday- 9 March

On March 9, 1959, the famous plastic doll Barbie first appeared in a toy fair in New York. 
The first Barbie doll was a puppet in the form of a very thin woman, blonde with blue eyes, a beauty difficult unattainable model. 
The idea of ​​a Barbie doll conceived by Ruth Handler, German woman who bought similar shapely doll for her daughter as "a child Lily" and noticed the girl playing her enthusiastically. 
Because of the structure of the anorexic body Barbie doll came under much criticism for its designers. Said it encourages eating disorders, it causes low body image in girls and young women who aspire to look like and more. Barbie doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel (Mattel) apart from the classic Barbie produces a multitude of versions and accessories. 
Happy Birthday Barbie!
Barbie's house 

Barbie's coloring pages

March 9 is also Panic Day and False Teeth Day

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