Diet trick that really works!!!

Can't believe you won't lose weight with the next diet trick:

Take a medium or large sized refrigerator magnet.

Find a picture of someone fat in the internet or a magazine, or find your own picture that you don't like yourself in it and you think you look fat. The picture should symbolize the look which you want to let go.

Print the picture and cut it to the appropriate dimensions of the magnet.

Paste the image on the non-magnetic side of the magnet.

Divide the image into several parts equal to the number of pounds you want to lose.
For example, if you want to lose 15 pounds part the image into 15 parts.

Cut the image to the number of the parts you have set.

Put the jigsaw puzzle you have created on the refrigerator in its entirety.

Now, whenever you lose a pound- take off one piece of the puzzle.
Throw the piece away - you don't want to paste it back on the fridge!

Your goal is to remove all the puzzle from the fridge!

Good luck!

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Puzzle on the fridge - with every pound goes down a puzzle piece

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