Amazing greeting cards for Valentine's day

Greeting cards are one of the most important parts of gifts. Especially on Valentine's day, when the words are so meaningful. Greeting card is something you can save forever, not like flowers, wine or chocolate that are gone. Here are some amazing greeting cards we found on the internet, hope you like them:

If you have memories from Paris, or you dream to go to Paris, this is for you (link)
And this one is perfect when you're planning a cruise together, or even better, when you going to surprise him/her with one. (link) I love you a whole latte (link)
I love you- engraved in a little rock (link)
I love you sticky notes (link)

This one has a sense of humor- I love you with all my butt. I would say my heart by my butt is bigger!!! 😂😂😂 (link)

Some red flowers (link)

Penguin wood Love Card (link)

Funny sarcastic love card- what am I trying to say? for a cat lover (link)

I love you so much wood card (link)

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