Marzipan day- January 12

You may love it, you may loathe it, no matter how you feel about its taste, marzipan is an amazing confection that you can use to create wonderful things! 
America celebrates Marzipan National Day on January 12. Marzipan, a sort of dough made mainly of sugar and ground almond, can be easily shaped, colored or eaten as a sweet. Marzipan candies are known since ancient times. Some people believe that it originated in Toledo, Spain, in the ninth century. 
Others argue that its origin was either in China or in Persia. This dispute has allowed many cities in the World to claim that the invention of marzipan should be accredited to them. 
Marzipan is an important and central constituent of traditional festivities in various cultures such as in Italy, Spain and Portugal. In Italy, especially in Palermo, marzipan is shaped and colored into small images of animals in preparation for Christmas celebrations. Venetian Jews have made it a tradition to eat home-made marzipan balls on the feast of Purim, and Jews from Morocco celebrate the Mimouna holiday with a variety of delicious marzipan sweetmeats. In Spain and in Portugal marzipan candies are shaped in the form of fruits.
Marzipan fruits
Marzipan bananas, oranges, strawberries and lemons
Marzipan animals
Marzipan animals
A  sculpture of marzipan baby looks really real-  © Camille Allen 

January 12 is also Kiss A Ginger Day

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