Smart coffee mugs

Meet the smartest coffee cups you have ever seen. These coffee mugs offer genius solutions to every coffee drinker.
  If you happen to serve a few cups of coffee together, and you didn't have a tray, you probably know that it's not easy. Coffee (or other hot drink) spills along the way and may cause burns. This is what happens to me at least.
The American designer Jonathan Espinola, made up of three cups of coffee connected together that you can carry them without the need for a tray, and after putting them on the table you can separate them.
Cups price is $ 44.95 and are great as a gift. (link to buy)
A cup of coffee with a Cat feet - instead of putting the cup on a coaster on the table, the cup has already coasters (Link to buy)
Cookie monster cup of coffee with place for cookies (etsy-link)
Coffee mug for sport lovers- want to practice basketball? Threw a lump of sugar or marshmallows into the cafe through the basket, Let's see you! (link)
Size does matter - the doctor has told you to reduce drinking coffee and limited you to a cup of coffee a day? No problem, this cup will do a whole day. It contains 5 gallon (about 19 liters) then it could be enough even for a week. (Link
A cup of coffee with a spoon shaped Giant Panda bear- both smart and cute. (Link)
Walking coffee mug that wouldn't dirty up the table - link- etsy

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