Special days in January on changing dates

First Saturday of January

Fruitcake Toss Day - The First Saturday of January

Second Monday of January

Clean Off Your Desk Day- The Second Monday of January

Second Tuesday in January

Poetry At Work Day- The Second Tuesday in January

Third Sunday in January

Thursday of the third full week of January

Women's Healthy Weight Day- The Thursday of the third full week of January

Last Saturday of January

Seed Swap Day- The Last Saturday of January

Fouth Saturday of January

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day- The Fouth Saturday of January

Last Monday of January 

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day- The Last Monday of January 

Last Friday in January

Last Monday in January

Blue Monday- The Last Monday of January

Last Sunday in January

First Friday 13

Skeptics Day - January 13 or the first Friday 13 of the year 

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