Valentine's day funny cards

Humor is one of the most important things in relationships. For Valentine's Day, here are some funny greeting cards:

Valentine's day to-do list: you (of course) (link)

Now can guarantee you the song of Whitney Houston will get stuck in your head forever 😆 (Link)
octopus funny love you card
I love you this much (link)

Where you bean all my life? (link)

I love you to the fridge and back 💗💗💗 (link)

Relationship Goals (link)
Threesome Goals (link)
you had me at I gate people too 
Something in common... (link)
I would fight a bear for you 💕Not a Grizzly bear... or a brown bear. Probably not a Panda bear either. .... But this fluffy f*cker is going down! 

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