Evaluate Your Life Day- October 19th

When was the last time you sat and really thought about your life, what is good about it, what is wrong, what is right and what should be stopped or removed ?
The Evaluate Your Life Day is designed precisely for that.
The source of this day is in the United States and is celebrated there every year on this date, invented by the owners of the Wellcat.com website, Ruth and Tom Roy, a couple who invented a number of special days protected by copyright.
What can you do on Evaluate Your Life Day?
You can think about bad habits that you have to change, about things in your environment that you should change, about people you might want to break up with, or at least reduce, and vice versa - about people who should strengthen the relationship with them, and about the good things you have and thank for them.
Here are some motivation quotes and 15 positive sentences that will help you to evaluate your life and change them for good.
It's not hard to evaluate life but you need to be honest with yourself. This is the way to change.
The best place to think about your life is a quiet and peaceful place, uninterrupted, for example near the sea.

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