Playing Card Collection Day- October 17

Love to collect cards? This is your special day.
Playing Card Collection Day celebrates the collection of one of the oldest forms of games, an art of about 1200 years - playing cards. 

Game cards are a gallery of art, expression and inspiration. Through the playing cards the artist expresses his intentions, positions and beliefs to the players.
There are simple and standard cards, but there are special cards that match different periods and places and even rare and expensive cards. Card collectors enjoy holding such interesting collections and showing them, not only to impress, but also to teach about the time and place they were created.
Special playing cards are also a way to express our love for a particular work like a movie, book or TV series, or to promote ideas and agendas.
Star Trek playing cards (link)
How to celebrate the Day of Collecting Cards?
There are lots of ways to celebrate this day. You can show your collection to your friends on social networks, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use the #CardCollectionDay to publish and to see other people's collections. If you do not have a collection of cards, it's the day to start collecting. The Day of Collecting Cards is also a day to enrich your collection with new cards. Here are seven ways to celebrate the Playing Card Collection Day by Seasons Playing Cards, which founded this day.

Collecting playing cards is an interesting and fascinating hobby. But usually, the collectors keep the cards at home and do not show them almost. Playing Card Collection Day is the opportunity to share this passion with the world and share the interesting collections with everyone.

James Bond cards (link)

Gold monarch playing cards (link)

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