Games Day- December 20

Games Day began on December 20, 1975 in London. This day was announced by the Games Workshop company, as a day for gathering together to play.
Games Day was announced by the company following the cancellation of the other games day that was scheduled to be held that year in August in London. Today it's sponsored by the Conference Games Workshop and annual running games. Games Workshop decided to fill the gap and initiated its own gaming day. The first day of the Games was held at Seymour Hall, London on December 20, 1975.
Gamers have met and played with each other in Games Workshop's games, which are war games with miniature characters.  
Following the successful start and extensive media coverage, they held an annual game day later, in Chelsea, near London, on February 12, 1977. The event was delayed somewhat due to the logistics of rapidly expanding business. After this day also conducted the "Dungeons & Dragons Day" in the city of Fulham, on 12 March.

Today the Games Day Conference is held regularly in the UK at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham. Fans of the three main games of James Warhammer (Warhammer, Lord of the Rings) gather together, play and perform presentations.  
Alongside the games there is also a commercial area where products such as miniatures of the fortress, soldiers and armies that are suitable for games are sold. Another attraction is the Golden Demon, a drawing contest of miniatures. There is also competition in varying degrees of seriousness, such as the contest of the demon-dump, where competitors create plastic models.  
In the coming years, the United States also joined the celebration of the Games Day, because what is better than taking a break in the pressures of life and taking part in games such as box games, computer games, video, chess, checkers, etc. Of course, this day also smiles very much for the gaming industry.
So if you want to enjoy this day, you can meet and play together, any game you want.
Happy Games Day!

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