Miners Day- December 6

Miners' Day is the day of the people involved in mining, the hard and dangerous work of producing raw materials for industry that is needed for modern production.
Miners are actually the ones who help to exploit the natural resources, they are the workers who produce materials that we use, sometimes essential and sometimes for luxuries.
Gold, coal, diamonds, iron, gems, lead, limestone, nickel, phosphol, salt, tin, uranium, bauxite, molybdenum. In terms of expansion, mining also includes production of water, natural gas and oil.

We are not always aware of where the things we use come from. We just think we buy them somewhere and don't give a thought to who finds them. Who digs in deep tunnels at great risk to find diamonds or coal or cut into the mountains in the blazing sun?
Mining is a dangerous but very important profession. Miners' Day recognizes the hard and dangerous work they do and rewards them for their dedication.


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