National Hard Candy Day- December 19

Who doesn't like hard candy? Both adults and children like to suck hard candy occasionally. There are so many types and flavors of hard candy, and they are always a good solution when boring in the mouth.
December 19 is the day of the celebration of the hard candy.
Most hard candy is made from 100% sugar with other flavors and colors. To make hard candy, boil the sugar syrup to a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. Once it reaches the temperature and the sugar becomes liquid, pour it into a pan or roll and fold in shapes and let the candies cool off. Once it cools, the solid sugar becomes hard and crisp.
The first hard candies were candies with lemon drops and mints that served as a remedy for digestive diseases.
The hard candy became popular in the seventeenth century when the price of sugar fell. Before that, in the Middle Ages, hard candy was something only the rich could afford.
By the mid 1800s, more than 400 companies had created this popular indulgence. The hard candy already had a role in the tale of Hansel and Gretel of the Grimm brothers from the mid-19th century, in the decoration of the house of the evil witch in the forest.
If you are on a diet and want a sweet taste - you have hard candy without sugar. If you feel you have a bad smell in your mouth, a mint can help.
Hard candy is the opposite of soft candy like toffee. You can also find them in the form of lollipops, also wrapped in one bulk, also in various forms such as a grandfather stick and also arranged in a package without wrapping (like Mentos).

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