Tick Tock Day- December 29

Tick Tock day is a day invented in the US to remind us of the ticking of the clock, three days before the end of the year, Tick-Tock Tick-Tock, time passes and a few things have to be done before this year is over.

We are not getting younger by the day, days go by and time does not stop and no one waits. It's true that things can be done next year too, but there are things that should be completed this year.  
The end of the year is also a time to make decisions for the New Year. Such as adopting new habits, starting a diet, stopping smoking, stopping others and all kinds of things. Tik-Tock is meant to remind us that it is time to make decisions if we have not decided until now, because time is running and the new year is about to begin.

How to celebrate a Tick Tock day?
To enter the new year with a clear mind and a clean heart, make a list of everything you want to finish before the year is over, and everything you want to start and change in the new year. Now that you have a list, you can start to implement what is written in it, in the next three days, and even if you do not succeed, at least you started with a change and you are ready for the new year.

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