International Day Against Homophobia - May 17

The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is abbreviated as the International Day Against Heteronormativity or LGBT Rights Day. This is a day designed to make people stop treating someone whose sexual orientation is different as someone who is not normal.
Today's goal is to stop the fear of homosexuality, transgenderism or bisexuality and accept the people who are not straight as equal and normative.
Leading this day is the IDAHO Committee in France. The committee was founded by Louis-Georges Tin, who also runs it to this day, a French academic and human rights activist.
The reason for setting May 17 as the international day against tronormativity, is that on this day in 1990, homosexuality was removed from the list of mental disorders by the World Health Organization.
Today it marks more than 50 countries around the world since 2005 and is officially recognized by the European Union, the governments of Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Mexico, Costa Rica and more. Even in countries where there is the death penalty for having homosexual relations, such as in Iran for example, the day is secretly marked.

May 17 is also Norway's Independence Day

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