Piña Colada Day- July 10

On the 10th of July, the Caribbean National Day is celebrated in the Caribbean.
The Pina Colada is a drink with a long and glorious history. The name of the cocktail in Spanish is "tense pineapple" (pineapple, colada-taut). Pina Colada is a drink identified with the Caribbean and since 1978 it is considered the national drink of Puerto Rico.
There is an argument between three different bartenders from the Hilton Hotel in San Juan about who invented the Pina Colada, and each claims to be the first. In any case, the first time according to their version of the drink was in 1948, on the exotic shore of the hotel.

But, as befits a tropical-drink, its history is not so simple and the question of its original recipe has an unsolved mystery. One of the stories relates the recipe to the most repulsive captain of the pirates, Mr. Roberto Coopersi, who sailed in the Caribbean waters around Puerto Rico in the early 19th century. The captain invented the drink to raise the morale of the ship's crew, but the recipe was lost after his death in 1825.
It does not matter to us who made the drink, but how to make it.
Basic recipe of Pina Colada:
60 ml coconut liqueur (preferably malibu)
30 ml rum
120 ml pineapple juice
60 ml sweet cream
Mix all ingredients with crushed ice until a smooth drink is formed, pour into a cooled glass, decorate with a slice of pineapple or other tropical fruit and a small umbrella and serve.

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