Coloring Book Day - August 2nd

There is a special charm in giving to paintings that have only a black border and white filling, new colors and life.

When painting a painting, there is a freedom to give it colors according to the choice and mood and turn it into another creation. Emotions and moods can be expressed through the painting of a painting.

"A box of new crayons! Now they’re all pointy, lined up in order, bright and perfect. Soon they’ll be a bunch of ground down, rounded, indistinguishable stumps, missing their wrappers and smudged with other colors. Sometimes life seems unbearably tragic." ~ Bill Watterson

There is a magic between the covers of coloring books, a kind of magic that can take us into a million worlds. Coloring books make us all artists. We decide whether to be Rembrandt with his realistic colors, or Picasso with his quirky cubist designs and surrealistic colors.

Coloring Book Day encourages us to go back to our youth and dive through the pages of a coloring book.
The history of coloring book day
The first coloring book was printed in the late 19th century by the McLoughlin brothers, and it was called "Little People - A Drawing Book." From that moment on they continued to produce books of this kind right up until the 1920s, when they joined the Milton Bradley company. Coloring Books Day encourages the recognition of the long history of coloring books and the joy they can bring to children and adults alike.

Coloring book by the McLaughlin brothers
Today even adults have special coloring books for them. These are usually intricate and beautiful paintings, which include shapes that are mostly complex from nature and the imagination. Coloring can soothe, help vent emotions and deal with difficulties.
Coloring books have educational purposes. In kindergartens and schools, children paint paintings that teach about holidays, events, values and more. There are even coloring books designed to teach about medical processes and soothe fears like coloring books that teach the child what will happen to him during surgery, or dental care and more. The little understanding can soothe great fear.

How to celebrate Coloring Book Day?
There is nothing simpler than that - stock up on colored paints or pencils, a book or coloring pages and start painting! There are coloring pages in almost every subject and even of series and movies.

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