Men's Grooming Day - The third Friday in August

There used to be a lot of stigma around male grooming. Think that the one who cultivates himself is neither masculine nor straight. But in today's society it is simply not acceptable to be messy, smelly and neglected. So men stay tuned! Men's grooming day encourages men everywhere to buy and use grooming products and improve their appearance. On this day (especially in the US) many hairdressers and beauty salons offer men special promotions of beauty treatments like haircuts, shaving and also guidance and counseling.
Today is the day to take care of yourself and nurture yourself. It is today to shave, get a haircut, tidy your teeth, remove unnecessary hair from the ears and nose, dress nicely, put on deodorant and perfume and everything that will enhance and move your presence. See your photos everywhere; On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every possible hole in the internet, then look good in reality too.
Don’t worry, no one likes to spend hours on maintenance, and there are many new tools today that do the job quickly, easily and painlessly like razors and haircuts and more.
Have a nice Men's grooming day!
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When will Men's Grooming Day in the coming years?
2021- August 20
2022- August 19
2023- August 18

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