Cupcake Day - December 15

December 15th is Cupcake Day in the USA. Cupcake is a small personal cake that you can be very creative with and decorate with lots of decorations and shapes, which a small and boring cake can turn into an impressive work of art. Cupcake Day in Hebrew is Yoghurt Day.
In British English cupcake is also a fairy cake and for Australians it is a fairy cake, a cup cake and a patty cake. The cake is meant for one person, so it can be made special for someone special. It can be baked in a small mold made of silicone, aluminum or special baking paper.
The first mention of a cupcake in history is from 1796, in an American cookbook written by Emilia Simmons, about "a cake baked in small cups." (Read more - Chocolate Cupcake Day, which falls on October 18).
If you are running to join the Cupcake Day celebration, make a cupcake for someone you love (you can do it yourself, why not?), Decorate it nicely and serve it as a gift.
Cupcakes animated gifs  

December 15 is also Tea Day

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