Middle Name Pride Day - Friday of the first full week in March

When you were born, your parents took the time to carefully consider what name to give you. Most parents have been debating the choice of names for a long time, even before birth and their choice can have an impact on their child throughout his or her life.
Will the name they choose for their child cause teasing at school or will it set them up for success? Should the name contain meaning or just have a pleasant sound to the ear? Will the name be a memento of a deceased person or express an affinity for the homeland? Many parents have considerations that make them very hesitant in choosing the name and sometimes very much want two names and not just one.
For example, if you want to commemorate grandfather Methuselah, but do not want the child to have a strange name that will make him a joke in the school yard. In this case, give the child a middle name, in addition to the first name where everyone will call him.
Among Christians, almost every second child has an additional first name. If you look at Wikipedia for the the celebrity you like, chances are you will find that in addition to the first name he is famous for, he has another middle name that comes before the last name. Examples: Donald Trump is Donald John Trump, and Kim Kardashian was born Kimberly Noel Kardashian. Vincent van Gogh bears the middle name Willem and Madonna's full name is Madonna Louise Chiconi.
Middle Name Pride Day is part of a week to celebrate your name, which takes place in the first full week of March.
How to celebrate Middle Name Pride Day?
Today is the day to be proud of your middle name, if you have any. It's today to share with everyone and reveal to everyone that in addition to your first name where everyone knows you, you also have a slightly outdated name that you hid in the attic. Today is the day to explore and find out why you are given the extra name and what it means. According to Kabbalah and numerology, the second name has meaning only if used occasionally. Today is the day to consider whether it is worthwhile to take your second name out into the world so that it will give you a new meaning and perhaps also affect your life?
If you do not have a middle name, consider whether you should add a name to your first name. A name with meaning, with new energy that may also change your luck for the better.

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