Pumpkin Day - October 26

If you are in October-November in countries where there is a Christian majority, you can not help but notice this beautiful orange ball that stars in every corner and symbolizes autumn. In the US, Scotland and Ireland you will also see it carved as a jack-o-lantern, a lantern with a scary face made of a pumpkin that has been emptied of software and a candle has been inserted into it.
The pumpkin is a very integral part of American culture and is a central pillar in many fall festivals, events and competitions.
On Halloween, the carved pumpkin, the Jack O'Lantern, is one of the hallmarks of the holiday. Originally it was customary to carve turnips, potatoes or beets to make the jack-o-lantern. The holiday originated in Celtic culture, in the countries of Ireland and Scotland and when Irish immigrants came to the US in the 19th century, they discovered in it the abundance of pumpkins that are much more convenient to carve. They started using pumpkin to make the orange lantern In countries that celebrate Halloween.

Pumpkin Day celebrates the beauty of this noble vegetable and the history and tradition associated with its iconic orange.
The pumpkin belongs to the squash family, which also includes zucchini, melon and cucumber. The pumpkin is very sweet and can be eaten cooked in orange soup, in couscous vegetable soup, baked in a pie, or cooked and heresy mashed.
The pumpkin not only looks like a superfood in size, it is also a superfood in its nutritional value: it has few calories and lots of vitamins and minerals: vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and iron and is believed to help strengthen hair, facial skin, slimming, cure gastritis. , Digestive problems and more.
Pumpkin seeds are also possible and even desirable to eat: they are a great source of zinc, potassium, protein, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, B vitamins, dietary fiber and more. They are good for strengthening the immune system, improving fertility, strengthening male potency, improving energy, raising mood, improving memory, killing intestinal worms and more.

How to celebrate Pumpkin Day
The first step to celebrating Pumpkin Day is simple: go out and buy yourself a pumpkin, then think about what to make with it. It is not difficult to prepare a dish in which one of the ingredients is a pumpkin like soup, pie or mashed potatoes.
If you are abroad, you will find in restaurants and cafes lots of foods that contain pumpkin as well as pumpkin cakes, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie. At Starbucks, for example, people like to celebrate autumn during this period with a hot pumpkin spice drink and pumpkin spice cream.
Another way to celebrate is to buy a whole pumpkin, draw on it or empty it of software and carve it in different and creative ways.
Pumpkins coloring pages

October 26 is also Austria's Independence Day

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