Snoopy's birthday - October 4th

Congratulations! Snoopy is celebrating his 70 years old today!
We know Snoopy as Charlie Brown's beagle dog from the "Peanuts" series, where he dances his happy dances, flies over his kennel, gives Lucy sloppy kisses on the cheeks, steals Linus' blanket and thinks thoughts inside balloons.
Snoopy first appeared in a comic by Charles M. Schulz on October 4, 1950.
Snoopy's first appearance
In the early years, Snoopy was a marginal and quiet figure, until on May 27, 1952, Schulz painted a thought bubble in which he wrote his thoughts. Since then, Schulz has continued to express Snoopy's thoughts in thought bubbles, thus creating conversations between him and the other characters in the series who could read his thoughts and respond to them.
Over time, Snoopy became a character full of humor and a philosophy of life. Sometimes he would imagine that he was a writer sitting with a typewriter, just like the writer Charles himself, who based the main character Charlie Brown, on his own life, as a child who dreamed of becoming a writer.
Snoopy also developed for himself the character of a pilot from the First World War, with sunglasses and a scarf, who flew over his kennel. Another character played by Snoopy is Joe Cole, an indifferent guy with sunglasses leaning against the wall inaction and many more characters like a lawyer, an Olympic ice skater, the first dog to fly across the Atlantic and even the first astronaut to land on the moon.

Snoopy's best friend is the little yellow bird Woodstock and his big enemies are the neighbors' red baron and stupid cat.
Did you know? In the Apollo 10 spacecraft launched on May 18, 1969, the command and service cabin was called "Charlie Brown" and the landing vehicle was named "Snoopy". The main missions of the spacecraft were to examine the functioning of the crew, space vehicle and mission support facilities during a mission on the moon. The two characters were the mascots of the mission.
Snoopy became the official mascot of space safety after a fire broke out in the cockpit of the Apollo 1 spacecraft on January 27, 1967, and the three astronauts on whom they perished.
The Silver Snoopy Award is a special honor given by NASA to astronauts who perform exceptionally well, contribute to flight safety and mission success. Less than 1% of the Air Force's space and workforce receive the award each year, making the award a special honor.
How to celebrate Snoopy's birthday?
Watch Snoopy movies like "Snoopy's Grand Adventure", and "The Peanuts " or the Snoopy series on TV.
To paint Snoopy paintings - Snoopy coloring pages
Solve Snoopy's puzzle

Silver Snoopy Award (Credit: NASA

October 4th is both World Animal Day, Vodka Day and Improve Your Office Day

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