Techies Day - October 3rd

Today is a day of appreciation for all the people who work and engage in advanced technology - high tech, who lead the world to progress and turn it into a global village where everyone can communicate with everyone, no matter how far apart they are, and everyone can know everything about everyone.
This day was founded in 1999 by the website with the support of the CNET network who wanted to express appreciation to all students and workers in the technology and high-tech professions and encourage high school students to choose technology studies.
Things that used to be so hard and slow, like sending messages to each other, or taking pictures, or watching movies and reading books, are now fast and easy thanks to high tech.

High-tech also supports the military, both in terms of weapons and defense and also in terms of intelligence.
There are those who envy high-tech people who have high salaries and good conditions, and seemingly just sit all day in the office and make no effort, but people who work in high tech need to mobilize all their thinking and concentration, and work hard for long hours to achieve results that allow us an easy and comfortable life. More.
To celebrate High Tech Day, you can simply send an email of thanks and appreciation to someone in high tech, reminding him that without people like him, the world would go back, to the days of letters getting lost in the mail, to the paper map days you had to read yourself, to the days of manual camera photos Send for development in the store and takes a few days to develop, for days without internet and more ...

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