Tell A Fairy Tale Day- February 26

February 26 is a particularly magical date, because it is National Legend Stories Day (in the US).
Fairy tales are old stories passed down from generation to generation, from grandparents to parents, and from parents to children, and there is no one who hardly knows them.
Legend stories are known all over the world and cross continents and seas. They are based on myths, fears and methods of educating children. They are imaginary and contain evil witches, princes and princesses, magic and sorcery, good and evil fairies, magnificent palaces, fallen wooden houses, giants, dwarves, knights and monsters.
By today’s standards, some of the legends are unworthy of children, because of violent or sexist content. But once upon a time adults would not hesitate to tell children scary stories about what happens to children who do not behave properly.
Many of the stories have some basis in reality. For example, there are those who believe that the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was inspired by the real life of Margaretha von Waldeck, the daughter of the Count of Waldeck in 16th-century Germany. Margaretha was very beautiful and did not get along with the Count's wife, her stepmother. At one point the mother kicked Margaretha out of the house. It is not known what happened to Margaretha and it is speculated that she fell in love with a handsome sheriff and died mysteriously before she could live with him happily and richly (perhaps the stepmother really poisoned her with an apple). There were many mines in the Waldeck area of ​​Germany. The demand for miners was so high and on the other hand the poverty of the people was great, that in the mines many children worked. Short people were also hired to go through the mines and this is probably the story of the house that Snow White came to where seven dwarfs lived.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Brothers Grimm (Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm) collected many stories that were told orally and published them in books, so that they would not be forgotten. The first book they published was in 1812.
Another collection of legends published by Aesop, in ancient Greece. The parables of Aesop were parables that dealt mainly with animals and illustrated human behaviors.
Hans Christian Andersen first published in 1829 the written versions of the princess on the lens, the ugly duckling, the little mermaid and many others.

How to celebrate Tell A Fairy Tale Day?
You can tell a fairy tale to children. To attract them share with them the movements and voices of characters from the story, like longing like the ugly duckling or the movements of climbing in a story about Jack and the pea tree.
Another way is to read fairy tales yourself or watch Disney fairy tale movies ...
The Ugly Duckling, from the 1939 Disney movie

February 26 is also Personal Chef Day

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