International Unicorn Day - April 9

One of the most magical and beloved mythological creatures, for children and adults alike, is the unicorn. The unicorn symbolizes purity and magic and appears in many stories and legends. A unicorn is a horse or goat with a horn on its forehead that has magical and noble qualities.
The unicorn is part of the mythology of ancient Europe. It is speculated that when people from Britain and France visited Africa and saw rhinos for the first time, they recounted the unicorns they saw. According to Eastern beliefs, the rhinoceros' horn has all kinds of virtues, such as the enhancement of male potency, hence the story of the unicorn and its unicorn.
A Virgin with a Unicorn, Giulia Farnese with a Unicorn, by the painter Domenicino, 1602

According to legend, the unicorns can only be seen among virgins and are the only ones who can approach it.

In Vietnam and Laos in Southeast Asia there is a true unicorn: the soula is a unique and extremely rare mammal, a type of cattle that lives in forests and is called the "Asian unicorn". The soula's other name is Vu Quang ox and is in serious danger of extinction.
The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. They adopted it as their national animal in the 14th century, because they believed that the unicorn was the enemy of the lion and could defeat it, and the lion was a symbol of England.
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The unicorn has appeared in several films such as director Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, in which the unicorn appears in the protagonist's dream and hints to him that he is Android.
In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series, the unicorn appears as an innocent animal whose blood is given to those who drink its blood, but its life is cursed. The unicorns are described in the Harry Potter books as whites more than snow, suspicious and with mercury-like blood. They stay away from humans but build a little easier to get close to, especially if they offer them sugar cubes.
The movie "Legend" starring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara revolves around the unicorn creatures. A unicorn also appears in Clive Staples Lewis' Narnia books and in the movie Stardust and the The Secret of Moonacre.
Unicorn Day was created to celebrate in honor of these magical creatures and to remember how much fun it is to sometimes believe in magic.
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April 9 is also Cherish An Antique Day

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