Biscuit Day - May 29

May 29 is Biscuit Day, the cookie that usually goes with a dip in coffee or tea.
The biscuit is a crispy cookie, slightly sweet, flat, usually square but there are also round biscuits.
The biscuit was invented on September 8, 1886 by Louis Lefèvre-Utile of the French city of Nantes, who called it "Petit beurre".
Did you know that the shape of the biscuit has its original wild flakes and holes where it has meaning?
The shape of the biscuit represents the calendar year. It has four corners for the four seasons. It has 14 longitudinal teeth and 10 lateral teeth. That is, 52 teeth in total (when adding the teeth in the corners), as the number of weeks per year. There are 24 holes on the surface of the biscuit, about the number of hours in a day.
Louis' original bar mouthpiece, representing the calendar year (photo source
The biscuit was a worldwide success, but since Louis did not copyright it, many companies began copying its recipe and form. It was not until 1888 that Louis registered it as copyright and called it the "original Petit beurre" to differentiate it from the brands of competing companies.
The common flavors of biscuits are butter, coffee, cinnamon and more.
One of the best delicacies of the summer is the ice cream sandwich  made of two biscuits with vanilla or chocolate flavored ice cream in between.
There is also a savory biscuit which is basically a cracker.
There are biscuits for dogs that are given to them as a positive reinforcement during training or just as a treat.
How to celebrate Biscuit Day?
Make tea or instant coffee, serve it with a plate of biscuits next to it. Dip the biscuits into the hot beverage and eat. Just be careful that the biscuit does not fall and fall apart inside the glass. If that happens, you can eat the melted biscuit in a spoon, not bad.
Another option is to take a biscuit and spread chocolate spread or peanut butter on it. You can also have jam or whatever you feel like.
The main thing is to have a happy biscuit day!

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