Bubble Bath Day- January 8

It is not clear why the date of January 8 is set today as the bubble bath, but there is no doubt that on such a cold day, at the height of winter, there is nothing like making a warm and pleasant bath, full of foam of fragrant soap bubbles.
The bubbles on the water (also known as bath foam) insulate the bath water and keep it warm for a longer period of time.
If you want to complete the atmosphere, quiet music and beautiful candles will make the room a magical and relaxing place, which will make you forget all the hardships of the day and give you perfect quality time with yourself.
Chandler from the TV series Friends in a Soothing Foam Bath
The soap bubbles in the bath have other advantages: they cleanse the body, they sometimes contain moisturizer and the foam layer also hides you in the bath in case you want to take a selfie and show off.
In the US the leading brand of bath foam is Mr. Bubble which has been around since 1961.

How to celebrate Bubble Bath Day?
Fill a tub with warm water, pour bath foam, go in and lie down for fun. You can read a book or listen to music while taking a bath. If you do not have a bath foam, you can pour shampoo and mix with water.
Bubble bath (source)  

January 8 is also Joy Germ Day

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