Decorating With Candy Day - February 1st

Candy Decoration Day is a particularly creative, sweet and happy holiday that falls on February 1st every year.
Who among us has not fantasized about spending time in the house of the witch from Ami and Tammy that was made entirely of sweets (without getting caught of course)? Today is the day to fulfill your fantasy and decorate your home or room with sweets like colorful candies of all kinds and species, chocolates, waffles and any candy you want.
You do not have to decorate an entire room, you can also celebrate this day by decorating other things. Everything you eat or drink can fit and any candy goes!
Here are some ideas for decorating with candy:
A house decorated with sweets

Cakes or cookies decorated with sweets (Link)

Pizza decorated with sweets (Link)
Ice cream decorated with sweets (Link)

Cookies with sweets and a candle holder
It is not known who invented the idea of the day of decoration in sweets and why, but what is certain is that it is a very successful idea.
How to celebrate Candy Decoration Day?
Take out your creativity and get as many sweets as possible and decorate everything you want with them. Upload the photos to the social networks and add the hashtag Decoratingwithcandiesday. On social media you will find pictures of today's celebrations at the Hashtag (Twitter) #DecoratingWithCandyDay  Instagram

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