Fast Food Day - November 16

Fast food day is a day for all people who are in a hurry and can not spend time preparing meals and eating. Not only do they not have time to prepare the food, they also do not have time to wait for someone else to prepare it for them, even if they are sitting in a restaurant. In short, this is a day for busy people who do not have time for food, and for whom they coined the term "fast food".
Fast food includes mainly things that can be bought at street stalls but also dishes that can be quickly heated in the oven or in the microwave: frozen meals, falafel, toast, pizza, hot dogs, French fries, onion rings, burgers and any dish that can be prepared quickly and without Almost an investment of labor.
Fast food is on the one hand delicious and fun, but on the other hand it is usually saturated with fat and full of calories, so one should be careful with it and not eat it often indiscriminately. Usually the fast food that others prepare for you, and you just have to warm up and eat, contains all sorts of ingredients that make you addicted to it, like sugar and monosodium glutamate, so that the customer will enjoy more and go back to eating. The one who prepares the fast food thinks less about the health of the customers and more thinks about his profits.

The history of the fast food
The need for food to be prepared or served quickly, and to be able to eat it quickly as well, can be attributed to the rising popularity of cars after the end of the First World War. Fast food has begun to find clients among the people who travel on the roads. Whether it was a trip from the village to the city or from city to city for arrangements and treatments, or a trip across countries and continents. The need to find fast food has become stronger over the years.
The restaurant called "The White Castle," first came up with the concept of fast food in 1921, when it began offering burgers for $ 0.05 per serving in Wichita, Kansas. Since then, fast food has become an American institution and from there the love for it began to spread around the world, until today the fast food can be found in every corner.

White Castel's first restaurant, which offered a 5-cent burger. (Image source

The White Castle burger was the first swallow of fast food, but fast food restaurants can be found in almost every ethnic cuisine the world has to offer. From Mexican to Thai cuisine, each kitchen also offers stalls and small shops where you can buy your favorite dish while standing, get it in minutes and finish in seconds.

How to celebrate Fast Food day?
You can eat it outside, in one of the restaurants or buffets that offer it, and you can also prepare it at home. No matter what fast food and where you choose to eat, you will have an appetite!

November 16 is also Button Day

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