Love Your Red Hair Day - November 5

Love Your Red Hair Day celebrates the beauty of redheads that add color to our lives every year on November 5th. On this day the redheads get the spotlight to show the unique features of red haired people.
Many redheads feel a little ashamed because of their red hair because most of the time they are different and stand out over the others and not always people accept the different in a nice way, especially children.
Redheads are rare. Less than two percent of the population boasts red hair. Many redheads are also left-handed. The holiday in honor of the redheads is meant to make them feel safe and proud, understand that they look amazing and show it off. Red hair is more than color; It's a way of life.
Most natural redheads have brown eyes, followed by green or walnut brown. Blue-eyed redheads make up about 1% of the world's population, and are extremely rare.
Love Day for Your Red Hair was founded by Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti, natural red hair sisters who created the book and website "How to Be a Redhead" in August 2015. The site has lots of tips for red hair owners, from hair care and haircuts to confidence and self-acceptance .
How to celebrate Love your red hair day?
If you are redheads and know more redheads then come together and see your red hair in all its glory. Short, long, curly or straight hair, always the red hair wins the spotlight. Celebrate your beauty by posting pictures of your red hair on social media with the hashtag LoveYourRedHairDay#.
 November 5 is also the Night of Guy Fawkes

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